What are Sacksters?

They are durable, flexible, heavy duty bags that you can use to get rid of your unwanted debris instead of a big, bulky, metal dumpster.

How do I order Sacksters?

  1. Call our office and order as many bags as you want. We will deliver the bags right to your home or jobsite.
  2. Place your Sackster within 20 feet of the curb and fill it with your unwanted materials.
  3. When your bags are full, call our office to schedule a pick up

Why should you order a Sackster?

  1. You do not have the space to place a huge dumpster on your property.
  2. You need more time to load your materials.
  3. You only have a small amount of material to dispose of at one time
  4. Cheaper than a dumpster
  5. Get multiple bags to get rid of different materials at the same time

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