Debris Box Rentals

Debris Box Rentals2022-08-05T21:45:58+00:00
Delivery & Pickup Space Requirements2022-08-05T21:41:49+00:00

A minimum of 50 feet of straight line access and approximately 21 feet in height is required. Customers are responsible to ensure there is enough space available for delivery and pickup.

Additional deliveries/pickups/respots for any reason will be charged additional fees (includes trucks in route). Any wait time will be charged at $90/hour prorated by minute. Customer warrants that the space for the box is legal and that Customer is authorized to grant ingress and egress to JD Services.

Delivery Times2022-07-12T22:20:18+00:00

Delivery  times  are  not  guaranteed  JD Services  does  everything  possible  to  deliver your box  within  the  allotted  time frame,   however,  weather,  traffic  conditions,  road  closures,  lines  at  disposal  facilities,  and  vehicle  breakdowns  are just  a  few  of  the  various  uncontrollable   obstacles  affecting  delivery  and  pickup  times.  Please  plan  accordingly.  We  recommend  scheduling  delivery  one  day  in  advance  of  your   expected  use.  JD Services  is  not  liable  for  any  claims  of  loss or any  consequential,  delay  or incidental  damages   whatsoever.

Rental Time2022-08-04T20:02:35+00:00

10  calendar  days.  Additional  rental  days  are  charged  a daily rental fee. Additional  rental  time  must  be   scheduled  through  the  office  in  advance  and  is  contingent  upon  availability.  You  will  not  be  charged  for days  waiting  for pickup.


Please  note that your box will not automatically be picked up when your 10 day rental period is over. We recommend scheduling your pickup date with us on the day you place your order. Your other option is to call  when  your box  is  available  for  pickup.  There is no guarantee when your pickup will occur if you don’t call your box in till you are finished with it. Please  note  that  additional  rental  time  beyond  the  normal  10  day  rental  period  must  be pre scheduled.  Rental  fees  stop  on  the  day  your box  becomes  available  for  pickup.

Box Sizes2022-08-04T20:03:46+00:00

Box  sizes  include  10,  15,  20,  30,  40,  &  50  for Mixed  C&D, Household,  Green  Waste/Wood,  and  Metal  boxes  and  4, 8, 10 for Dirt/Rock boxes.  Please  note  when  ordering  a  4  or 8  cubic  yard  dirt/rock  box  you  will  receive  a  10  cubic  yard  container.  ONLY  fill the container  to  designated  4  or  8  cy  level.  Additional  fees  apply  if the box  is  filled  above the specified  level.  It  is  the  responsibility  of  the  customer  to   ensure  there  is  enough  space  for the  box  size  ordered.  Box  dimensions  may  vary.  If  space  restrictions  exist  it  is  the  responsibility  of  the  customer to  notify  our office  at  the  time  the  order is  placed.  Exchanges or returns due to space issues will incur an additional delivery fee.


Boxes are charged a base fee plus any applicable overweight and extra fees.

Recycling Receipts2022-07-12T22:23:57+00:00

Please  notify us  at  the  beginning  of  each  job whether  recycling  receipts  are  required.  We  must  be  notified  before  the  first   box  is  delivered that receipts  are  needed.  This ensures that your receipts are properly tracked. Receipts will be sent to you upon job   completion.  All  outstanding  balances  must  be  paid  before  any  receipts  will  be  issued.  Upon completion, please contact us to submit a recycling receipt request.  Requests can take 1-15 business days to process.

Recycling Boxes2022-07-12T22:24:23+00:00

Recycling  boxes  must  be  filled  with  ONLY  specified  material.  If  any  other materials  are  found,  the  box  will  be  charged  as a  general/C&D  box  and  is  subject  to  overweight  fees  (please  see  Weight  Limits/Overweight  Fees  below).

Box Types2022-07-12T22:25:08+00:00

General/C&D  –   Includes  general  household  waste  and  construction  and  demolition  materials.  No  dirt/rock  is   allowed  in  these  boxes.  Box  is  subject  to  Weight  Limits  and  Overweight  charges  (Please  see Weight  Limits  Below).

Dirt/Rock  –  Not  subject  to  weight  limits.  Includes  dirt,  rock,  concrete,  asphalt,  sand,  brick,  tar,  gravel,  and any  other  aggregate  materials.  No  other  materials  are  permitted.  No  mud.  No  wet  concrete. Min.  $100  charge  for  mud/wet  concrete  removal.  Must  be  filled  with  ONLY  the  specified materials  above.  If  any  other  materials  are  found,  the  box  will  be  charged  as  a  general  C&D box and  is  subject  to  overweight  fees  (please  see  Weight  Limits  Below).

Green  Waste/Wood  –  Green  waste  and  wood  only.  No  treated  wood.  No  other  materials  permitted.  If  any  other materials  are  found,  the  box  will  be  charged  as  a  general  C&D box.  Box  is  subject  to  Weight Limits  and  Overweight  charges  (Please  see  Weight  Limits  Below).

Metal  –  Not  subject  to  weight  limits.  Scrap  metals  only.  All  metal  appliances  are  okay.  No  other materials  allowed.

Weight Limits/Overweight Fees2022-08-03T19:15:55+00:00

Boxes in excess of the allotted Weight Limit will be charged additional fees.

Box Contents2022-07-12T22:26:08+00:00

The  Customer  is  fully responsible  for ALL BOX  contents.

Heavy Materials2022-08-04T20:04:35+00:00

Heavy  materials  include:  dirt,  rock,  concrete,  sand,  turf,  brick,  asphalt,  tar  and  gravel,  etc.  Heavy  materials  can  only  be loaded  into  boxes  specified  for  their weight.  Please  ask  for a  box  suitable  for  heavy  materials.    Absolutely  NO  dirt/concrete/aggregate/inert/or other heavy  materials  in  20,  30,  40,  and  50  cy  boxes.  

No Tractor Loading 2022-08-03T19:16:32+00:00
Customers  will  be  charged  for  tractor  push  off.  Customer is  responsible  for damages  caused  from   tractor  loading and  will  be  charged  for damaged  boxes.  Do  not  fill the box  above  the  sides.   Do  not  load  heavy  material  on  top  or   to  one  side  of  Box.  Do  not  crown  debris  in  the  center  of  the  box.  Overfilled  boxes  CANNOT  BE TRANSPORTED,  must  be  unloaded  by the  customer and  incur  an  additional  trip  fee.   NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS  including  oil,  paint,  chemicals,  asbestos,  treated  wood,  fluorescent  bulbs,  household  cleaners  and  any  other   items  defined  as  hazardous  by  the  Federal,  State  or  local  laws  are  allowed.  Customers  will  be  charged an extra fee  to  dispose  or return   hazardous  material  found.
Parking Permits2022-07-12T22:29:56+00:00

Required  city/county  parking  and/or  encroachment  permits  are  the  responsibility  of  the  customer.


The  customer  warrants  the  box  location  to  be  suitable  for installation  and  removal  of  the  box,  and  shall  be  fully  responsibility  for   any  damage  to  driveways,  fences,  landscaping,  utilities,  and  any  other  property.

Box Placement2022-07-12T22:30:51+00:00

Boxes  will  be  placed  on  the  street  unless  directed  otherwise  by  the  customer.  By  requesting  box  placement  off  the  street  or   on  private  property  the  customer acknowledges  that  damages  may  occur and  takes  full  responsibility  for all  damages  caused  to  private   property.


Payment  is  due  the day before your box is delivered.


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