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Trucking/Equipment Transport


Heavy Material Loads - 15 cubic yards

General C&D Loads - 50 cubic yards

We run 10 Wheel Dump Trucks. Our trucks have a large 16-17 ton payload - 18 wheeler capacity on a 10 wheel truck!

Trucking is charged by the hour plus dump fees. Dump fees vary by the material type and dump facility location. For an accurate quote please contact our office and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with a written estimate.

Equipment Transport

Cars Trucks
Semi-tractors Shipping containers
Debris boxes Forklifts
Bobcats Etc.

Please call our office for specifications and limitations. Please have the following information prepared:

Height, Width, & Length of Equipment
Approx. Weight of Equipment
Originating Location & Destination Location

Service Area - Equipment can be transported anywhere in California.